Brute Wrestling

Brute wrestling continues to provide gold standard product lines within the wrestling and combat athlete markets. With 45 years of experience in developing wrestling products, you can be sure that brute gear is combat proven, without sacrificing  performance or comfort. Brute wrestling has been a successful partner with Olympian wrestlers worldwide, as well as being known as a staple provider for gear on collegiate levels.  Wrestler Shop is proud to partner with brute and their arsenal of high performance products. You can only expect the best from Wrestler Shop, and brute!


Brute Knee Pads

Wrestler Shop is proud to keep stock of our favorite brute knee sleeves. The Brute Torq knee pad is one of our favorite, and one of the most durable knee pads on the market. We also stock youth wrestling knee pads, as well as the Brute Icon knee sleeves. Prevent mat burns, and buy a reliable brand like brute

Brute Headgear

Brute headgear leads the way in safety and innovation by offering some of the most unique designs and functional headgear for wrestlers. Offered in a variety of colors and styles, brute has become the no-brainer in headgear for both professional and youth wrestlers. Their specialized designs allow wrestlers to hear perfectly while maintaining safety and performance.

Brute Singlets

Brute wrestling singlets are designed with 2 things in mind. Performance, and Durability. These singlets are specially died, and made from Lycra and spandex. The comfort, performance, and durability within the brute wrestling singlets are unmatched! Check out both the Brute High Cut Singlet, as well as the Brute Bolt Singlets.

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