Preseason Conditioning

Wrestling season is never over. Its important to stay motivated and involved year round. Camps, clinics, regular workout sessions, calisthenics, and cardio will all impact your success on and off the mat. Preseason conditioning is a great way to get the whole team an early start and increase skill level. Not only can the coach begin the season with wrestling instruction immediately, but the team will be more prepared for the physical strains of drilling and training and Wrestlershop has the gear you need for the preseason.
Workouts should be scheduled at a time where you will not be interrupted, and its good to have a solid workout plan for each day that fits your needs and meets your goals. You should always have full energy in the weight room, and it shouldn’t be supplied by coffee, or energy drinks, but a good night’s sleep and balanced diet. Stay hydrated prior to and throughout the workout. Drink water or electrolyte charged drinks to keep from cramping and to avoid the caveats of dehydration. Pre-workout and post workout drinks for before and after will assist with muscle regeneration and the overall effectiveness of your workout. Apparel should be cool and have moisture management ability.
Staying healthy doesn’t only entail eating healthy, but staying clean and clear. One of the most common reasons athletes are out is due to skin diseases. The Defense Soap line of products are effective in treating and preventing common skin problems. Often skin care products have harsh chemicals, which although kill diseases, will harm the skin as well. The Defense Soap Line helps to defend against skin diseases such as ringworm, impetigo, and MRSA by implementing a natural compound approach.

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